Rotary Club Of New road City : Rehabilitaion project Appeal

Dear all Now we are focusing on rehabilitation There are so many works to do in so many places, we r focusing on lele  6 ward village  where 135 house hold  is no condition to stay  and rainy season is on the gateway and people cannot stay inside the tent durin rainy season.


The Government has already anounced rehab programe but it takes time,we discuss with engineers several times and concluded we should make safe recidence,  but it takes time so first we should distribute 3 bundle of 24 guage corragated roof(jasta patta) for each house hold which each covers 495 square feet(each 3 bundle),sufficent for a single house hold which cost NPR 8890.00 X 3 bundle = 26670 excluding transpotation cost ,this one is made by Hulas Metal Craft which is good in quality among the market .


Villagers will make temporary shelter and stay comfortably during rainy season and construction work also continue during time ,The same corrogated roof will later be used in the rebuilding of houses (permanant) ,we also need fund for cunstruction works


 This coming Saturday we are going to visit lele and will make a low cost safe shelter with the coordination with Santos shrestha (phd)Sustainable housing Analyst who belongs to United National Human Settlement Programme 


we have aimed for a big project and we will surely succeed if we get more helping hands ,We are sure you all will help try to fulfill our goal.For your kind information in near future We are confident that we will be able to gather the total fund for the permanant residence.We will form different groups and job discription to make residence for the villagers and we will also involve and provide training for the same vilage. 


If we could not cover 135 houses we will work on priority basis, like giving more priority to single women, elderly people, disabled and poor.

Including our Rotarian Members ,Rotracters,Innerwheel members,Intracters,Nepal scout,Shed the light peace maker and many more organisation are commited to help to succeed the project.we will provide all detail and plan after concrete decision  of housing plan.

Again we would like to implore each and every person to help in this project. Oceans are made from drops of water in the same way any small help you give will be of great use to any person who is suffering from this calamity.

                                                                            Rotary club of New Road City

                                                                             President NIlkantha Shrestha