2015 Nepal Earthquake

On april 24 2015, 23 rotary and non rotary members left kathamandu for chisapani, Shivapuri national park. on april 25 2015 the massive 7.9 rechter earthquake hit nepal, The hotel our group was staying in collapsed, fortunately most people were able to escape but a few members of our group were buried in the rubble. the members who survived were also injured with 5 members falling along with the collapsed building.
With the help of nepalese army and locals we were able to rescue 4 people but 1 meera shrestha passed away during the night due to lack of proper health access. That same day we were not provided with any rescue effort as the helicopter was not able to  transport the injured. Hats off to the locals and armymen for all the support they gave us. 
Next Day 3 helicopters arrived and rescued the injured. we also tried to save The members of our group who were still buried in the rubble
 by using bulldozer and other tools the bulldozer was available only after three days. Two members were recovered but they had already passed away. This was a day of great grief as we lost our past president Rtn Bijuli prasad shrestha innerwheel member Sujata shakya and Mrs Meera shrestha. Even in this time of great trouble our members helped each other to the outmost. May their souls rest in peace.
We converted our sorrow into power and ever since returning to kathmandu this club has been helping in sending relief material to various villages which had been severely damaged due to the earthquake.
Our thoughts are with the family of all the people who lost their life in this natural disaster, may the souls of all the departed rest in peace and may god give support and hope to all the families who lost their kin.